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Original Rustic Twisted Branch Bed

$2,199.99 $1,899.99

Made from Solid reclaimed wood, this unique handmade rustic full size bed is built from some fallen branches that hapened when a thunderstorm hit.  Now this bed is a custom design bed that took lots of diligence to create.  Only after the wood dried, it took another three weeks to produce.  Dark brown undertones , makes this bed look black in the picture.It really is a dark brown.

Rustic Artifact Table


Definitely a unique pieces which was cured naturally.  This sturdy reclaimed wood was found next to a river by the Artisan’s property.  The wood has been left besides the river for over 10 plus years.  Apparently The tone of wood and color variation is a result from applying a little natural water based dye to it.  Rumor has it that whomever owns this furnishing and takes it in her house will be granted eternal peace, due to the slow tranquil waves of the river.

Rustic live edge coffee table with tree trunk base


Home to the most handmade rustic tables in Houston, it is no surprise that we have the best quality  products!  One example is the picture above which is very different than most other tables we have seen before.   That being not only does it have  beautiful edging on the sides, but also was assembled to have a sturdy and well balanced tree trunk base as well.As a new upcoming store , join our email list for huge savings on new products coming out as well as coupons for even larger savings.  Coupon can’t be used with any other discount.  Thanks.

Rustic Live Edge Star Coffee Table With Natural Tree Trunk Base


Rustic Live Edge Star Coffee Table With Natural Tree Trunk Base is one of our most renowned Artisan pieces that was created by Miguel Santana,of Nicaragua.  This exquisite furnishing makes a great focal point in any living room or formal living room.   Carefully hand polished, this table has a luscious, smooth finish while still holding onto its gorgeous natural edges,textures, and has been coated with a hint of red hue to enhance its rich color.  In addition, the natural tree trunk base helps define this one of a kind rustic piece.  This table is large enough to have endless conversations over.


Rustic Live Edge Star Dining Table

$4,479.99 $3,199.99

This collector’s piece hails from…and … known for its beautiful texture and it’s light weight. This artistic production feels so smooth because it was sanded down for 3 days . Because of its smoothness, this piece of art has a remarkable finish that can be seen in the red undertones. There is one natural blemish that has been filled with epoxy.

The Grande Ranch Rustic Table


Handmade to perfection, this rustic dining table was produced from lumber milled from a fallen tree.  Besides having contrasting variations of color, the table as shown in the third picture is appealing to the eyes.  Looking more closely into the top of the table you can notice a beautiful ray fleck which is a direct result of quarter sawing the wood.  Also has spalting as well as live edge character that can be seen from the third photo.  Honestly, this is one of our favorite tables we were hesitant to post this particular product on the internet.

The L Dining Table


This L dining Table is one of God’s unique creations  This table is made out of solid reclaimed wood, however it is extremely light.This table has a coloring that has been brought to life by the Artisan who created this piece.  Applying a watered down poluerythane finish.  This finish makes the wood look shiny and protects it as well.  This particular piece bridged the gap between mother nature and modern livng in a way.