Handmade Rustic Pelon Round Table


Handmade driftwood coffee table that fits great in any location in the house.  These driftwood tables are formed from the roots of the trees.  What happens is these short rooted trees grow on the rocks and eventually they are washed away.  Only after 10-20 years we collected this wood from the sides of rivers or oceans when they get washed up.  Comes with a 3/8 inch round glass.

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This one of a kind Handmade Rustic Pelon Table comes from a river besides the jungle in Nicaragua. You can see distinctive holes in the wood shaping the top of the table formed thru the passing of the water. It took over 15 years to produce this beautiful shape in the wood. Coated with a watered down polyurethane coat, the wood is protected as well as provides the sheen look we can see when viewing the pictures. We can also see mother nature at work with this breath taking piece.


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