About Us

Handmade Rustic Furniture

Enjoy our selection of unique handmade pieces that will catch everyone’s eye. Some of the world’s best and most creative artisans have helped produce these unique and extravagant furnishings so that every minute detail will prove the authenticity of what Artisan Furniture really is. From various parts of the world, we at The Rustic Home Store have hunted down these these unique products from unknown lands and delivered this Artisan Furniture directly to your home. If you are someone that wants that “Oh Wow”, factor, then look no farther. All of our products are conversation pieces due to the unique coloring and/or the makeup of the furnishing or home decor product.

Handmade Rustic Furniture

Innovative Designs

We can guarantee you won’t find cookie cutter designs in our furniture store. Each piece is truly Rustic and is so unique that most people refer to the pieces as works of art.

If you want something truly unique you came to the right place. Our products are designed differently than most common designs. For example look at our star table. Everything from the shape of this piece to the amazing diagonal deep cuts on the edge of the table make it a one of a kind furniture piece. That is just one example, all of our products have different designs compared to common and traditional furnishings. If your not into blending in, check us out for the finest in unique rustic Artisan Furniture.

Committed To Quality

We’ve mastered the art of making sturdy handmade furniture and home decor. Every piece of furniture is made out of solid wood and thus is quite heavy compared to what other stores sell.