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Handmade Rustic Furniture Houston | Rustic tables and rocking chairs!


Handmade Rustic Furniture Houston | Rustic tables and rocking chairs!


Handmade Rustic Furniture Houston | Rustic tables and rocking chairs!


Handmade Rustic Furniture Houston | Rustic tables and rocking chairs!


The Rustic Home Store

Thank you for your interest in our unique creations. For the past five years I have traveled the world, establishing relationships and forging connections.

This handmade furniture is crafted to stand the test of time. Our Artisans only used wood from fallen trees and in doing so, it brings its beauty back to our customers, so they can enjoy it for many years to come. With the amount of attention given to these conversation pieces, we can see that these particular pieces are brought back to life.

Our company and passion are to bridge the gap between nature and modern living. With each piece of furniture or home decor shared with you,we feel one step closer to a successful relationship between us and the customer. Carefully selected from eight countries, these are the gems our store has found.

Our Recent Products


Handmade Rustic Live Edge Laurel Pea End Table

$1,499.99 $779.99

Unique handmade rustic live edge Laurel Table made of solid reclaimed wood   It has a beautiful live edge that can be seen on sides throughout this one of a kind conversation piece.   Polyurethane finish not only creates the natural shine look, but also serves to protect the wood.  Heavy piece of furniture.

Driftwood Living Room Round Table


Enjoy the natural beauty of this one of a kind driftwood dining table.  This unique rustic table was found near the Rio Frio River.  This piece of driftwood is created by its short root system, which eventually lose their ground on the rocks and get washed up to the shore .  Over a ten to twenty year period, this wood is naturally formed and given its irregular shape and texture.

Stained and varnished twice ,this table has a  ravishing sheen to it.  Definitely the type of furniture that is meant for a person who enjoys being in the spotlight.

At over 140 lbs, this particular furnishing has been transformed to create an extremely sturdy piece of Art.

Natural Handmade Plant Stand


Natural Plant Holder

Accent your home in style with this natural plant stand perfect for giving your space a home garden-vibe. , Giive your house plants a lift.

Use it on your porch, patio, in your office, living room, and beyond. This plant stand features a natural rustic appearance that combines the past with the present in a sturdy kind of way.


Rustic Live Edge Star Dining Table

$4,479.99 $3,199.99

This collector’s piece hails from…and … known for its beautiful texture and it’s light weight. This artistic production feels so smooth because it was sanded down for 3 days . Because of its smoothness, this piece of art has a remarkable finish that can be seen in the red undertones. There is one natural blemish that has been filled with epoxy.


Original Rustic Twisted Branch Bed

$2,199.99 $1,899.99

Made from Solid reclaimed wood, this unique handmade rustic full size bed is built from some fallen branches that hapened when a thunderstorm hit.  Now this bed is a custom design bed that took lots of diligence to create.  Only after the wood dried, it took another three weeks to produce.  Dark brown undertones , makes this bed look black in the picture.It really is a dark brown.


Natural Live Edge Guanacaste Coffee Table

$989.99 $489.99

Wanting to replace your coffee table, well you came to the right place.    With over 40 different types of handmade coffee tables, our company is home to the most coffee tables in Houston.  We have everything from natural tree trunk coffee tables to  our stunning round glass top tables which are considered Art Furniture.   Different sizes and variations in color make this your one stop shop to own gorgeous, unique rustic tables!

The Grande Ranch Rustic Table


Handmade to perfection, this rustic dining table was produced from lumber milled from a fallen tree.  Besides having contrasting variations of color, the table as shown in the third picture is appealing to the eyes.  Looking more closely into the top of the table you can notice a beautiful ray fleck which is a direct result of quarter sawing the wood.  Also has spalting as well as live edge character that can be seen from the third photo.  Honestly, this is one of our favorite tables we were hesitant to post this particular product on the internet.


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